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Rupp's Insurance & Risk Management Glossary (2nd Edition)

This is the second edition of this book, which includes 1600 new terms and numerous amendments to new terms. The following additional Subject Categories have been added or modified: Accounting, Law, Liability Insurance (replaced casualty insurance), Loss Control (replaced Loss Prevention/Loss Control), Personal Lines, and Professional Liability.

This Second Edition, five years in the making, proved to be more fun and interesting to work on than the First. The reason is that rather than relying principally on the research files I collected over the years, it incorporates suggestions from flesh-and-blood readers.

This book is used by a broad range of individuals, from those who have just entered the business and need a basic lexicon, to seasoned underwriters and risk managers who need a handy reference for unusual or new terms. It is also used as a reference in settling and litigating claim disputes.