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Death & Taxes

It had started out to be such a good year - until he screwed things up. As a determined employee headed towards Edison Shaw's office at the IRS Service Center in Fresno, California, he knows what he must do to protect his interests. A few moments after he enters Shaw's office and closes the door for the meeting, the man pulls out a gun, points it at Shaw's temple, and pulls the trigger - just as planned.

In this compelling crime thriller, Dick Hartmann is a seasoned FBI agent who heads up San Francisco's Violent Crime Squad. When he and his elite squad are assigned to investigate a suspicious death at the IRS Service Center in Fresno, they're soon led into the bowels of the city's largest street gang - the Bulldogs. As the case grabs the attention of America's president, the squad travels to Los Angeles and then to Mexico where they must infiltrate a drug cartel to take down a gang member with the power to ruin the lives of millions of American taxpayers. Now only time will tell if they can stop him before it is too late.