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Welcome to my first weekly newsletter as an author.

For those of you that don’t know me that well, developing a newsletter is not new to me as my risk management and insurance friends will attest.

Before my retirement, I produced a number of newsletters to introduce insurance products or risk management techniques. There was a newsletter to introduce construction project wrap-up insurance (My Marsh & McLennen cohorts gave me a helmet with ‘Wrap-Up Rupp on it). I developed newsletters to promote the expanded use of captive insurance during a period of reduced insurance capacity, and one for new corporate risk funding concepts such as finite risk insurance, and risk securitization vehicles. One of my latest before my retirement focused on employment practices insurance, and my final business newsletter discussed new business exposures such as the impact of bitcoins and other quasi-currencies on organizations, the use of drones, increasing cyber exposures and the rapid development of autonomous vehicles.

I hope to use the knowledge I gained writing in business to write crime novels. My plan is to produce interesting newsletters about what I am seeing in society and finding in my research as I develop a crime novel plots.

Thank God I love to write. It takes me away from the continuing media coverage of the pantsuit lady and the guy with the weird hair. These two have given me a good reason to work on my crime novels. I will stay away from politics, but as a fiction writer, I would describe these two in one of my novels as the 68-year-old grandmother in uncomplimentary pantsuits, who is a constantly complaining like a mother-in-law. Then there is my other character; the 70-year-old self-proclaimed ‘winning’ businessman, with a mop of uncontrolled hair who doesn’t think before he speaks, and can find fault with anyone.

And, thank God the TV reruns are over and the football season has started. My Rams are back in Los Angeles where they belong. I had season tickets for years until they were kidnapped to St. Louis. Unfortunately, the football games and new fall season drama have started cutting into my writing time. I have no excuse as respects watching the football games, but I argue that drama shows provide me with windows into what other writers are doing.

Thus far I have watched the new season openers of -

NCIS - Historically one of my favorite shows. The first episode seemed a little flat with DiNozzo missing and the introduction of Jennifer Esposito (Alex) and Wilmer Valderrama (Torres) as new cast members. It was interesting that Esposito appeared above Emily Wickersham’s name (Bishop) in the credits. I predict she will be the stronger character who will be more like DiNozzo than Valderrama.

BLUE BLOODS - Another favorite show that I felt got off to a good start. I noted that the writers touched on the law enforcement ‘blue line’ and society’s current thoughts on police shootings of unarmed suspects.

CHICAGO - PD - Good start to the season. Like NCIS, the writers touched on “blue line.” Voight's revenge killing of his son's murderer weighed heavily on Lindsay. The question posed during the episode: “Are some unnecessary police shootings justified?”

BULL - Michael Weatherly's new show. I only watched about 15 minutes and then turned it off. My wife Coleen, who was watching in Beverly Hills said it got better toward the end and that I should give it another try. As a writer, I have no idea how they are going to come up with new interesting scripts about a jury consultant for more than a season.

HAWAII FIVE-O - Slow start - Short on story - More of a continuing chase scene. I just noted from the Hollywood press this will be the last season for this show.

DESIGNATED SURVIVOR - I like the start. It looks like it's going to be an interesting show with lots of twists. I picked up some Hollywood press info that confirms there will be lots of twists and turns in this one.

LETHAL WEAPON - This one follows the movie closely. I swear some of the scenes were directly from the movie. I like the two leads and feel this will be a fun show.

Your comments, suggestions, and opinions on my Newsletter and my TV viewing would be appreciated.

Richard V. Rupp

WELCOME - September 27, 2016